Dr.Shivam Pandya

Who we are

Committed to providing the best care for all

Dr. Shivam Pandya is a distinguished head and neck oncosurgeon with over six years of experience in oncology. He has performed more than 1,000 head and neck cancer surgeries at GCRI and Shalby Hospital, earning a reputation for outstanding postoperative outcomes and patient rehabilitation. In addition to his surgical expertise, he is an author of the book “Cuts and Bruises,” which has sold over 500 copies. Dr. Pandya is dedicated to providing personalized care and exceptional rehabilitation for head and neck cancer patients.

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Our Mission

The mission of Dr. Shivam Pandya is to provide exceptional, personalized care to patients with head and neck cancer, leveraging his extensive experience and advanced surgical techniques to achieve optimal treatment outcomes. He is dedicated to ensuring excellent postoperative results and comprehensive rehabilitation, enhancing the overall quality of life for his patients. 

Our Vision

The vision of Dr. Shivam Pandya is to be a leading figure in head and neck oncology, recognized for his commitment to innovative treatments and exceptional patient care. He aspires to advance the standards of oncology surgery through continuous research, education, and the integration of cutting-edge medical technologies. 

Core Values

Dr. Shivam Pandya is guided by a set of core values that define his approach to patient care and professional conduct. He is committed to excellence, striving to achieve the highest standards in surgical performance and patient outcomes. Compassion is central to his practice, as he provides empathetic and personalized care, understanding the emotional and physical challenges faced by his patients.